Backun MOBA Bb/A Clarinet Barrel | Selmer fit | Grenadilla : 64.5mm

The MoBa Barrel produces an unmistakable, full-bodied, dark sound that makes it a favourite amongst orchestral players worldwide. With increased resistance and focus, and an unbelievable ease of articulation throughout the entire range of the clarinet, this barrel is a great option for artists wanting a darker tone. Artists tend to prefer this barrel for orchestral repertoire, whether playing in the section or as a featured soloist.

Designed in collaboration with Ricardo Morales (Principal Clarinet, Philadelphia Orchestra) and Morrie Backun, the barrel incorporates the qualities of the Fatboy and adds integrated rings. 

For use with Selmer clarinets, made from Grenadilla wood.

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£187.00( If bought from United Kingdom )