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Please email or telephone 0207 935 2407 to enquire about availability.

Unless otherwise stated, all saxophones receive a pre-sale assessment undertaken by our specialist technicians to ensure they are in the best possible condition. The price advertised always includes any servicing costs, whether the instrument has been serviced or is presently in our workshops.

If you have a quality instrument and are considering selling, please telephone us to discuss our sales procedure.

Image Reference Make Description Price Status

Soprano Saxophone

 -  2 instruments.
SX10179c SX10179c Trevor James Revolution II Gold Curved Soprano
Original Case
£650.00 Available
SX10224 SX10224 Yanagisawa 800
Original case. Yanagisawa 5 and Otto Link 6* Ebonite Mouthpieces.
£1,300.00 Available

Alto Saxophone

 -  5 instruments.
SX10192 SX10192 Selmer Super Action 80 Series II
Selmer Light Case.
£2,500.00 Available
SX10196 SX10196 Selmer Super Action 80 Series II
Hiscox Case
£2,500.00 Available
SX10221 SX10221 Yamaha 82Z
Original case, Yamaha Custom 4C mouthpiece and BG harness.
£2,700.00 Available
SX10222 SX10222 Selmer Reference 54
Original Case and accessories.
£3,000.00 Available
SX10231 SX10231 Selmer Reference 54
Original case, sling, body pull through and mouthpiece (Super Session E). Also includes Neotech sling, BG A30 pull through and Selmer Soloist C* Mouthpiece.
£3,000.00 Reserved

Tenor Saxophone

 -  5 instruments.
SX10201 SX10201 Yanagisawa T901
Original Case. Reduced.
£1,800.00 Reserved
SX10139 SX10139 Selmer Super Sax
Produced in 1930. Comes with red Berkeley case, Yamaha 4C mouthpiece and Rovner ligature.
£2,300.00 Available
SX10233 SX10233 Keilwerth SX90R black with gold keys
With shaped hard case
£2,300.00 Available
SX10215 SX10215 King Super 20
1975. Soft Case.
£2,750.00 Available
SX10225 SX10225 Yamaha YTS-82Z Custom
Rare, special edition sax in great condition, with Vintage Bronze finish. Comes with standard Yamaha mouthpiece.
£3,700.00 Available

Baritone Saxophone

 -  2 instruments.
SX10217 SX10217 Conn 12M Low A
1970. Soft case and hard case if wanted. Berg Larsen Rubber Mouthpiece.
£1,800.00 Available
SX10234 Conn Pan American £2,500.00 Available

Alto Mouthpiece

 -  21 instruments.
MP10175h Lomax NY 8M+ £40.00 Available
MP10175j Rousseau JDX 7 £50.00 Available
MP10175g Ponzol Vintage C* £50.00 Available
MP10175a Yanagisawa Rubber 6 £60.00 Available
MP10175p D'Addario D5M £80.00 Available
MP10175ac Clark Fobes Nova G 7 £80.00 Available
MP10175ad Clark Fobes Nova G 6 £80.00 Available
MP10175ae Clark Fobes Nova G 6 £80.00 Available
MP10175q Aizen CL 3 £90.00 Available
MP10175r Aizen CL 4 £90.00 Available
MP10175aj Berg Larsen Metal SS Old 90 - 0 - SMS £100.00 Available
MP10175w Lebayle LR Ebonite 8 £120.00 Available
MP10175f Ponzol SL 85 £160.00 Available
MP10175am Francois Louis Spectruoso ML 225 £175.00 Available
MP10175an Francois Louis Spectruoso SP 285 £175.00 Available
MP10175ao Francois Louis Spectruoso ML 205 £175.00 Available
MP10175ap Francois Louis Spectruoso ML 285 £175.00 Available
MP10175aq Francois Louis Spectruoso SP 205 £175.00 Available
MP10175ar Francois Louis Spectruoso SP 255 £175.00 Available
MP10175t Otto Link Super Tone Master 8* £200.00 Available
MP10175u Otto Link Super Tone Master 8* £200.00 Available

Baritone Mouthpiece

 -  3 instruments.
MP10175d Otto Link Super Tone Master 8 £170.00 Available
MP10175e Otto Link Super Tone Master 8 £170.00 Available
MP10175v Ponzol SL 110 £350.00 Available

Baritone Saxophone Case

 -  1 instrument.
MP10175ak BAM High-Tech £500.00 Available

C Melody

 -  1 instrument.
SX10216b SX10216b Conn C Melody
Includes one 'A Lelandais' and one unbranded mouthpiece. Original Case.
£1,200.00 Available

Saxello Saxophone

 -  1 instrument.
SX10232 SX10232 Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz
Comes with Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Case.
£2,000.00 Available

Soprano Ligature

 -  3 instruments.
MP10175as Borgani Flexitone Nickel £40.00 Available
MP10175at Borgani Flexitone Nickel £40.00 Available
MP10175au Borgani Flexitone Bronze £40.00 Available

Soprano Mouthpiece

 -  5 instruments.
MP10175n Yanagisawa Rubber 7 £55.00 Available
MP10175o Vandoren V16 S6 £80.00 Available
MP10175s Lebayle HR Jazz MES 6* £115.00 Available
MP10175aa Bari Gold Metal 6 £150.00 Available
MP10175av Theo Wanne Gaia 6 £200.00 Available

Soprano Neck

 -  1 instrument.
SX10240 SX10240 Yamaha F1R GP
Belongs to Courtney Pine!
£250.00 Available

Tenor Mouthpiece

 -  11 instruments.
MP10175i Lomax C+ £50.00 Available
MP10175c Claude Lakey 5*3 £50.00 Available
MP10175k Selmer S80 C* £70.00 Available
MP10175ai Selmer Modified Soloist £75.00 Available
MP10175ab Hite 138 Classic £90.00 Available
MP10175af Lebayle Jazz Ebonite 8 £100.00 Available
MP10175x Lebayle LR Ebonite 9 £135.00 Available
MP10175y Lebayle LR Ebonite 8* £135.00 Available
MP10175z Lebayle LR II Ebonite 9 £150.00 Available
MP10175ag Bari Hybrid Stainless Steel 7* £150.00 Available
MP10175ah Bari Hybrid Gold 7* £150.00 Available

Tenor Saxophone Crook

 -  1 instrument.
MP10175al Selmer Paris Series III Booster Crook £275.00 Available
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