Second Hand Clarinets List

Created: Tuesday, 25 September 2018 9:50 AM

Ref. Make Description Price Status

Bb Clarinets

 -  9 instruments.
CL10211 Howarth S1 £700.00 Available
CL10152 Noblet Artist Bb Clarinet £1,000.00 Available
CL10147a Selmer 10 S Full Boehm Bb Clarinet £1,100.00 Reserved
CL10204 Selmer 10S Bb Clarinet £1,100.00 Available
CL10221a Howarth S1 Bb Clarinet £1,200.00 Available
CL10203 Buffet C12 FB Bb Clarinet £1,250.00 Available
CL10145 Selmer Series 9 £1,500.00 Available
CL10220 Buffet Vintage Bb Clarinet £2,300.00 Available
CL10216a Yamaha YCL CSG III Hamilton Plated Bb Clarinet £2,600.00 On approval

A Clarinets

 -  2 instruments.
CL10214 Buffet R13 Prestige A Clarinet £2,400.00 Available
CL10216b Yamaha YCL CSG III L Hamilton Plated A Clarinet £2,900.00 Available

Bass Clarinets

 -  1 instrument.
CL10107 Noblet Bass to Eb £2,500.00 Available

Clarinet Cases

 -  1 instrument.
CL10212 Wiseman Quad Case £400.00 Available

Harmony Clarinets

 -  1 instrument.
CL10223 Leblanc Esprit Eb Clarinet £1,400.00 Available

Harmony Instruments

 -  1 instrument.
CL10225 Buffet RC Prestige Basset Horn £6,500.00 Available


 -  3 instruments.
CL10177 Kaspar Mouthpiece Ann Arbour Michigan £200.00 On approval
CL10178 Kaspar Mouthpiece Kaspar Cicero LL. £250.00 Available
CL10230 Buffet Prestige Bass to Low Eb £5,100.00 Available