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The following instruments are new or ex-demo items, for sale at a reduced price.


Professional Oboes

UK Price
ex VAT
UK Price
inc VAT
info EX- DEMO XL Thumbplate (English) System Oboe with Synthetic Top Joint  1 instrument available Sale Item RRP £7,850.00 £5,250.00£6,300.00
info EX- DEMO XM Thumbplate (English) System Oboe   2 instruments available Sale Item RRP £7,550.00 £5,000.00£6,000.00



UK Price
ex VAT
UK Price
inc VAT
infoYamaha Model YFG 812CS Bassoon EX DISPLAY Sale Item RRP £22,805.00 £12,500.00£15,000.00
infoAdler Model 1356DL Bassoon EX DEMO  Short Reach (22 key, lacquered finish, with added high D) Sale Item RRP £7,010.00 £3,916.67£4,700.00
infoAmati ABN 33HL Short Reach Bassoon - Howarth Special EX DEMO   - Specially made to Howarth bore dimensions Sale Item £2,458.33£2,950.00
infoMollenhauer 'Gentleman series' Model Bassoon EX DISPLAY  - UK and ROI exclusive to Howarth Sale Item RRP £14,981.00 £8,750.00£10,500.00


Professional Range

UK Price
ex VAT
UK Price
inc VAT
infoSelmer Paris Signature A Clarinet EX DEMO | WAS £4505.00 Sale Item RRP £5,834.00 £2,441.67£2,930.00
infoBackun Traditional Bb Grenadilla Clarinet with Silver Keys EX DEMO | WAS £4845.00 Sale Item £3,383.33£4,060.00
infoBackun Traditional A Grenadilla Clarinet with Silver Keys EX DEMO | WAS £5200 Sale Item £3,525.00£4,230.00



UK Price
ex VAT
UK Price
inc VAT
infoJupiter Model 747 GL Soprano Saxophone Sale Item RRP £1,199.00 £708.33£850.00
infoChiltern A900B BR Gold Alto Saxophone Sale Item RRP £1,290.00 £666.67£800.00
infoChiltern S900 BP Black Soprano Saxophone Sale Item RRP £1,335.00 £608.33£730.00
infoChiltern S M6 PA-DVL Aged Brass Soprano Saxophone Sale Item RRP £1,380.00 £666.67£800.00
infoTheo Wanne Mantra Gold Lacquer Soprano Saxophone Sale Item RRP £3,249.00 £1,979.17£2,375.00


Lupifaro Platinum Vintage Alto Saxophone Sale Item RRP £3,899.00 £2,805.00£3,366.00

Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of information within this website, Howarth of London Ltd wishes to stress that the prices of items for sale and other services detailed are reviewed regularly and thus the information given may be subject to alteration.

All items are charged in pounds sterling

Any other currencies shown are only a guide price


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