Theo Wanne MANTRA Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece : MANTRA Alto Metal 7

Here are Howarth we are pleased to be supplying these amazing mouthpieces by Theo Wanne. All of his mouthpieces are made to exceptionally high standards. Each and every mouthpiece we have tried has been a joy to play. The Wanne mouthpieces are very playable and possibly have the greatest ease of tone production of any mouthiece range we have seen. Due to the exclusive nature of these mouthpieces we only have a small selection in store so please contact us for availability and special orders

The MANTRA mouthpiece has a huge core sound with amazing bite and edge. This is not an Otto Link copy. It is a beautiful blend of the fatness of an Otto Link and the Core Sound of a Berg. It is the true 'Link on Steroids' and is an incredibly fun mouthpiece to play. Its unique rollover baffle, square window, and 'shark gill' chamber along with Theo Wanne's advanced manufacturing techniques make this a standout in the mouthpiece market.Like Theo Wanne's other mouthpieces, the MANTRA uses his incredibly advanced CAD manufacturing techniques.

  • Patented Liberty Ligature
  • Gold Pressure Plate
  • Heavy Copper Pressure Plate
  • Patented Reed Replacer Cap
  • Foam Case


  • Versatile, Lively and fun big core sound
  • Medium Chamber with Theo Wanne™ proprietary 'shark gills
  • Unique square window
  • Theo Wanne™ legendary quality and innovation