Püchner Bassoon Crook : CC2 straight

A top quality series of crooks available in lengths 0-3 (1&2 usually in stock). The following bore designs are produced, denoted by the first letter in the model stamp, about halfway along the crook’s body. B - High resonance, for more resistant reeds C - General all round crook D - Big sound , large symphonic projection M - Chamber / solo crook, more focus less projection, greater flexibility A - High note crook The second letter describes the material used: D - German silver, silver plated thin walled C - German silver, silver plated thick walled B - Brass silver plated, thick walled S - Sterling silver Püchner crooks normally come in a standard European bend. Other shapes can be made to suit the player’s requirements, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We do not recommend reshaping existing Püchner crooks.

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£750.00( If bought from United Kingdom )