Rovner 'Light' Clarinet Ligature and Plastic Cap | All Sizes : Alto Clarinet | L-2RS (L7)

A performance-enhancing ‘classic’ model 

Light: A variation on the Dark, for those who are looking for a brighter sound. Very responsive ligature, with good projection, free-blowing sound and affords a range of musical expression. 

The textile used in Rovner ligatures is not leather and is, therefore, not prone to stretching over time the way leather might.

All ligatures include a Rovner cap.

Available in a range of sizes:
 - Eb Clarinet | L-1E (L4)
 - Bb Clarinet | L-1R (L5)
 - Alto Clarinet | L-2RS (L7)
 - Bass Clarinet | L-3RL (L10)

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£28.99( If bought from United Kingdom )