Leitzinger Contrabassoon Crook Silver plated : M 2

Each Leitzinger bocal is individually soldered, hammered and bent by hand, then plated with either silver, gold or platinum. Leitzinger Contrabassoon Bocals are available in standard lengths of 0, 1 and 2. Customizations such as straight or ergonomic bends are available upon demand. Through years of experience and the worldwide success of our bassoon bocals, we have now created two extraordinary contrabassoon bocal types.

Type M
  • relaxed playing, even in dynamic extremes
  • full tone with exceptional projection
  • even scale and tone throughout the entire range of the instrument
  • optimal blowing resistance

Type F
  • more stable intonation without affecting the evenness of tone
  • more voluminous
  • secure response and projection in all registers and dynamics
  • full, soft tone throughout the entire range
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