Playnick Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece : Soloist SLK

PLAYNICK has specialised in the development and production of high-end mouthpieces for saxophone and clarinet for more than ten years. Their range of products is suitable for the international orchestra elite artist as well as the enthusiastic amateur musician.

These mouthpieces have an outstanding soft sound character, well balanced playing conditions and a reproducible quality product.

Available in three models;

PlayEasy IT

Soloist SLK - This mouthpiece is very easy to handle. To achieve the typical, shining sound of an e-flat clarinet it can be played either with conventional wooden reeds for e-flat clarinet or with shortened Légère synthetic reeds. 

Soloist WS - This mouthpiece is created for/with Walter Seyfarth and requires a lot more bottom lip pressure but therefore convinces with its full and deep sound in the high register. It can be played either with shortened wooden reeds for German Bb clarinet (Vandoren Whitemaster) or with Légère synthetic reeds (German cut). 

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£110.00( If bought from United Kingdom )