Heyday's Fagonello

Heyday's Fagonello enables younger children to start the bassoon on a super-lightweight, non-transposing instrument.

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  • conforms exactly to the "real" bassoon in regard to register, pitch, finger positions, blowing pressure, reeds used, and 'feel', allowing a seamless changeover to the large bassoon
  • 3 octaves fully chromatic between bottom C (C2) to cā€™ā€™ (C5) 
  • total weight ca. 1,4 kg (by comparison a standard student bassoon (Howarth Academy): 3.2kg )
  • no assembly of joints required because of its one-piece design, just pull the instrument out of its bag, put the bocal on plus reed, and start playing,
  • hangs perfectly balanced in the correct position in front of the body
  • designed for a good ergonomic position of wrist joints, fingers, embouchure.
  • Made of high quality materials, lacquer finish

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