Buffet Crampon Vintage Bb Clarinet

The Buffet Crampon Vintage Bb clarinet is one of five clarinets in the prestige range and has charmed many clarinettists in the world over.

When designing this instrument Buffet Crampon wanted to include many of the same features and sound that musicians had with their 1950's R13 clarinet. The Vintage is on the R13 family side in terms of bore.

Many musicians choose the Vintage for its fluid, focused tone, and its easy response.The Vintage clarinet has a special bore designed to provide a previously unreached level of flexibility and remarkable tuning with a warmth in all registers.

This instrument comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Howarth of London

Includes a free 'Guarantee Checkover' from our Repair Workshop before the warranty expires.

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£3635.00( If bought from United Kingdom )
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