Backun Q Series Bb Grenadilla Clarinet with Silver Keys

The New Q Series Clarinet is the latest masterpiece in the line of Backun professional clarinets. Developed for artists who seek a more traditional playing clarinet, the Q Series offers exceptional intonation and response in a precision crafted all-wooden instrument. Made of premium unstained grenadilla wood that is ethically and sustainably harvested. Through a proprietary CNC (Computer Numeric Control) manufacturing process, optical measuring tools are used to ensure a precision bore and perfectly sculpted tone holes with optimal under- and over-cutting. The key work is made of forged and hardened nickel-silver, plated in silver. Backun Q Series Clarinets come with Two New Traditional Grenadilla Barrels in 66mm and 65mm, One Traditional Grenadilla Bell with Voicing Groove, One Custom Backun BAM Single Trekker Backpack Case, One Polishing Cloth and One Swab. 


£2,950.00 including VAT