Phil-Tone Rift HR Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece : 7

The Rift offers more than just sheer power.  It is power with purpose, complexity and integrity.  With a sweeping dynamic range and formidable projection it cuts through space without becoming shallow or thin. Its voice will not be silenced.

The Rift supports a unique combination of mouthpiece design elements.  It utilises bore modifications with a rollover baffle and a special secondary baffle in the floor.  This facilitates highs that are crisp and a deeply resonant low end.  With its rich focused core the Rift is an easy to blow, but does offer some cushion to provide excellent control.  The Rift is a versatile mouthpiece for those seeking additional power, and dynamics. This is one of the most colourful alto pieces in existence.  Even the palm keys, which are too frequently thin, have texture and colour.


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