Walter Grabner Virtuoso Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

"The Virtuoso is the very best mouthpiece I know how to make. After eighteen years of hand-finishing over 10,000 mouthpieces, I have put everything I know into this design." Walter Grabner 

Big, Bold, Rich Sound - Responsive - Fun to Play

"Using the same techniques that make the Virtuoso Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece so appealing, I have created the Virtuoso Bass Mouthpiece. The idea is to have the biggest, boldest, richest bass clarinet tone possible, with a huge low register, without sacrificing any responsiveness or delicacy in the clarion register. I believe that this design fulfills that promise."

Design Features
  • Crafted with a hand-filed baffle for the best tone and response.
  • Available in one facing - 1.85 tip.
  • Optimized for Vandoren Bass Clarinet V12 #3 1/2 reeds.

"VERY Légère reed-friendly."


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