Theo Wanne NY Bros alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

NEW YORK BROS ALTO MOUTHPIECE You asked us for the Holy Grail vintage we made it for you! The BRAND NEW Theo Wanne™ New York Bros Alto mouthpiece brings the best of the vintage alto mouthpiece world to the future! Theo Wanne is the world's foremost expert on vintage sax mouthpieces and he understands WHY a Meyer sounds great. So, Theo utilized the best design principles from decades of vintage Meyers to make the new Theo Wanne™ NY Bros alto mouthpiece. It is the ultimate vintage Meyer. "THIS PIECE DOES EVERYTHING THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MISSING ON OTHER NY MEYER STYLE PIECES. It is the Perfect Meyer!" - Tim Price (Harry James Orchestra, Charlie Watts Big Band, Sonny Stitt) The NY Bros mouthpiece is the ultimate alto mouthpiece for students and pros alike, allowing the player to get the 'classic' alto sound AND be fully expressive. Hear more about the history of Meyer and the NYBROS concept here! You also asked for Theo Wanne™ quality and design at a very friendly price everyone could afford. So we did that too!!! SOUND Versatile! Great for all styles including Jazz, Rock & Roll and even classical. The most expressive traditional Meyer sound you've ever heard! DESIGN Perfectly sculpted medium chamber and roll-over baffle. Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of Meyer style mouthpieces; perfect side and tip rails! Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage mouthpieces. Incorporating the best features of every Meyer vintage, from the 1940's to present. DETAILS Premium Harry Hartmann Fiberrod™: Manufactured with a special formulation of Harry Hartmann Fiberrod™, made especially for Theo Wanne™, to sound and look just like vintage hard rubber but does not discolor and smell like hard rubber when exposed to heat and the sun. Vintage Style Box: A dark grey and metallic silver vintage styled Theo Wanne™ mouthpiece box. Drawstring Pouch: A beautiful Theo Wanne™ microfiber draw-string mouthpiece pouch. Pairs Perfectly with our Alto XL ENLIGHTENED Ligature (not included)


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