Morgan 'Jazz' hard rubber alto saxophone mouthpiece

These are absolutely the best saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces in their price range and beyond. If you are considering purchasing any large round chamber mouthpiece, then you should seriously consider one of these. These are top quality hand-faced designer mouthpieces and are available for the price of many machine faced mouthpieces.

Ralph Morgan designed these with a large round chamber for a full, rich and darker tone. The rollover baffle provides projection and makes it a nice free-blowing mouthpiece.

Of course, these are hand finished by the best in the business and the price is can pay as much as three times this amount and not get a better mouthpiece. These are excellent for both vintage and modern saxophones and clarinets and truly represent the best mouthpiece value in the market.

Material: This special formulation contains 30% hard rubber and is used exclusively by the Morgan other mouthpiece maker uses this formula. In order for a product to be advertised as "hard rubber", the US Government requires the product to contain only 15% natural rubber. This model contains 30% thus has more flex modulus than most "hard rubber" models on the market, and at a much more reasonable price.

Interior Design: Increased chamber cubic volume produces a traditional tone quality along with accurate tuning.

Workmanship: Unlike most other mouthpieces on the market, all interior surfaces, as well as the super-accurate facings, are shaped and finished by hand, not the usual machining, so a much closer tolerance is maintained to insure superb consistency. The facing curves are all designed to fit a particular reed strength family, thus assuring capability of producing excellent musical results.


Buy £205.00 including VAT