Buffet Crampon ICON Bb/A Clarinet Barrel

The new line of Buffet Crampon barrels joins the series of barrels by Chadash and Moennig and belongs to the same family of conical bores, while standing out with it's sophisticated and differnt proportions.

Apart from it's inverse conical bore, it's outer shape has been particularly refined. The carefully selected use of materials for the rings, and finishes offered (Gold, Silver or Black Nickel) have a notable influence on the sonority and the sensation felt by the musician.


Variations of clarinets and barrels are practically infinate. ICON barrels are extremely supple in every register and the different finishes produce interesting acoustical variations.

Gold produces more high harmonics and timbre

Silver frees up and rounds out the sound

Black Nickel seems to stand halfways between the two, producing a more compact effect.

Another advantage: the conical bore can, if necessary, improve intonation of twelfths which can sometimes be problematic, depending on the balance of mouthpiece and reeds. Lately, the sound projection is excellent in proportion to a reasonable expenditure of air.


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