Reeds 'n Stuff Oboe Shaping Machine with Shaper Form

The Reeds 'n Stuff shaping machine is a fantastic new design that will transform the arduous task of shaping cane into a pleasure! Linear bearings, a c-clamp for fixing themachine on the table, an improved carriage and high carbon steel blades make this machine simply the best device for shaping your cane.

The price of a machine includes 1 shaperform of your choice for Oboe, Oboe d' amore or English Horn, which you can select from a range of stock forms. You are welcome to come to our London showroom for a demonstration of the machine and to try out a couple of shapes. If you would like a shaper form outside our standard stock forms please.

Click here for a dimension chart of the different shaper forms.


Buy £685.00 including VAT