Uebel Superior Bb Clarinet (with Eb Lever)

'The 'Superior' unites the brilliance of the Boehm sound with the warm, dark sound of the German system clarinets. The original F.Arthur Uebel bell modifications ensures optimal sound and intonation on the low 'E'.  Not least, through the outstanding presence in all registers the Superior qualifies as the professional instrument for a variety of musical 'platforms', from chamber music to symphony orchestra.'

This is an excellent higher professional model clarinet. Made from good quality wood and produced in Germany, the 'Superior' plays very freely. With silver-plated keys, boehm system and additional Eb lever. The instrument comes with an Uebel mouthpiece and Rovner ligature.

This instrument comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Howarth of London

Includes a free 'Guarantee Checkover' from our Repair Workshop before the warranty expires.


Buy £3,645.00 including VAT
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