Theo Wanne Gaia Hard Rubber Jazz Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

Not just a redo of past mouthpiece designs, the GAIA clarinet mouthpieces show the innovation customers have come to expect from the eminent world expert of mouthpiece design, Theo Wanne.

The traditional clarinet mouthpiece has finally been revised and updated to maximize the potential inherent in the clarinet. Theo Wanne has applied his decades of knowledge working with vintage clarinet mouthpieces such as Kaspar, H. Chedeville, and Opperman, to create a truly innovative clarinet mouthpiece that not only maintains the traditional clarinet beauty, but builds on it.

Tim Price, professional artist, says, "With total confidence, I can say Theo has created the best clarinet mouthpiece in history! This mouthpiece has dimensions of sound that brings out and crystallizes every aspect of the clarinet. Many people, who have not enjoyed the clarinet before, will now love the instrument! With this mouthpiece the clarinet has been re-birthed to a new level!"

The GAIA clarinet mouthpieces are manufactured to the same legendary standards as the rest of the Theo WanneTM Professional saxophone mouthpiece series. They use the world's most advanced manufacturing techniques, CAD designs, and full five-axis machining.

Theo WanneTM has developed two traditional clarinet mouthpieces, the GAIA Jazz and GAIA Traditional. A revolutionary modern clarinet mouthpiece, the DURGA, is coming soon. Theo WanneTM offers these mouthpieces in the highest quality hard rubber (not resin) and in their innovative Stable Wood, which does not warp or crack.

Theo WanneTM has been growing over 100% per year since their first products launched in 2007. Theo Wanne is the eminent world expert on saxophone mouthpieces. The company is respected for its revolutionary products that inspire musicians and is considered the world's premiere woodwind mouthpiece manufacturer. Theo WanneTM is attracting the world's top musicians, dealers, distributors, and OEM prospects.


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