Theo Wanne DURGA Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece : DURGA Alto Metal 7

Here at Howarth we are pleased to be supplying these amazing mouthpieces by Theo Wanne. All of his mouthpieces are made to exceptionally high standards. Each and every mouthpiece we have tried has been a joy to play. The Wanne mouthpieces are very playable and possibly have the greatest ease of tone production of any mouthiece range we have seen. Due to the exclusive nature of these mouthpieces we only have a small selection in store so please contact us for availability and special orders

Here's what Thoe Wanne says abou the Durga:
» Great for Jazz, R&B, and Rock & Roll.
» Fills a room effortlessly, making everyone dance!
» It is so unique, it really has to be played to be understood and believed.
» Radical Power-Version of our True Large Chamber!
» Rounded inner side walls all the way to the tip.
» Uniquely shaped long step baffle.

"The DURGA alto has a rich and full contemporary sound.
It has a uniquely designed baffle (part of our patented interior design) coupled with deeply rounded inner side walls, and a special power version of our True Large Chamber. The power version of our True Large Chamber incorporates a power ring which radically tapers the True Large Chamber down to a small chamber giving it the full sound inherent in our True Large Chamber AND the power of a small chamber.
It is so much fun to play you just won't want to put your horn down!
Large chambers have been widely explored in the history of tenor mouthpieces, but very little has been done with alto mouthpieces, until now. Theo Wanne's new True Large Chamber alto mouthpieces are breaking new ground, opening up a whole new world for the alto saxophone."

This mouthpiece looks and plays great and we hope you enjoy them too!


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