Francois Louis Spectruoso ML Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

The High Standard "Spectruoso" mouthpiece is the FL "Signature" mouthpiece. It is entirely hand finished by FL himself, signed on every mouthpiece's table and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

A new design that will make your Francois Louis® mouthpiece recognisable at the first blow. Beautifully mixed polished and sanded (mate) surfaces, with an inner curve at the junction between the beak and the body of the mouthpiece and also at the junction between the shank and the body.

The Medium Large chamber (ML) an Ogival, more traditional type of chamber. It offers quite the same advantages of dynamics with more separation in the spectrum between highs and lows. A more airy sound with a lot of bounce. The perfect mouthpiece for "Hard Bop" style. Reminiscent of the sound of the 50's, playing with the efficiency of the best "modern" mouthpieces.

A great new composite material, the "Grounds" that brings up the roots of the vibration. Inspired by the determination of finding a modern material that resonates like wood, with absolute consistency and more focus.



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