Howarth S6 Thumbplate (English) Model Oboe

The Howarth S6 Oboe has been designed as a lightweight professional model. This oboe has been developed to reflect more modern tonal styles and requirements.

This model upholds the standards which the Howarth reputation for quality has been built upon: instruments are made from the finest selected and seasoned African Blackwood to give a warm sound and good tonal stability, and the mechananism is built with Nickel Silver components to retain a good feel under the fingers.

"Howarth oboes have always been special...that elusive flexibility of sound which enables a player to find his or her own voice on the instrument." Gordon Hunt, The Philharmonia Orchestra, London

Designed for the professional player, this oboe is completely hand-made.

Technical Specification:

- Lightweight professional model.


Buy £6,500.00 including VAT
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