Popkin & Glickman Bassoon Reed Making

Revised and updated with new contact information, digitalized and sharpened photos, Bassoon Reed Making, New Third Edition is back and more informative than ever. The "Bible" of the Bassoon Reed Maker, this friendly guide has helped thousands of players advance their reed making. This trustworthy, no-nonsense guide shows readers how to make and refine Bassoon reeds from start to finish and helps them get the most from their efforts. Readers will learn how to spot good and bad cane, how to tell which tools to use, how to form the reed without splitting the cane, and how to produce consistent and refined Bassoon reeds. Addressing the questions and concerns of both new and seasoned reed makers in a positive, straightforward manner, Mark Popkin and Loren Glickman offer the basic advice novices need and the expert opinions experienced reed makers rely on. Bassoon Reed Making, New Third Edition offers tried-and-true advice that every Bassoon reed maker can use.

The Bassoon Reed Makers’ Bible


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