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Please note there are often waiting lists for intermediate and semi-professional model clarinets.
Please email or telephone 0207 935 2407 to enquire about availability and to be added to a waiting list.

Unless otherwise stated, all clarinets receive a pre-sale service undertaken by our specialist clarinet technicians to ensure they are in the best possible condition. The price advertised always includes the servicing costs, whether the instrument has been serviced or is presently in our workshops.

If you have a quality instrument and are considering selling, please telephone us to discuss our sales procedure.

Image Reference Make Description Price Status

Bb Clarinets

 -  5 instruments.
CL10152 CL10152 Noblet Artist Bb Clarinet £1,000.00 Available
CL10191a CL10191a Selmer 10s Bb Clarinet £1,000.00 Available
CL10147a CL10147a Selmer 10 S Full Boehm Bb Clarinet £1,100.00 Available
CL10195a CL10195a Yamaha YCL 82 Bb Clarinet £1,400.00 On approval
CL10145 CL10145 Selmer Series 9 £1,500.00 Available

A Clarinets

 -  4 instruments.
CL10036 CL10036 Marigaux Marigaux A Clarinet
*Price drop* A fine example of the Marigaux range, in good condition.
£999.00 Available
CL10184 CL10184 Selmer 10S II A Clarinet £1,100.00 Available
CL10191b CL10191b Selmer 10s A Clarinet £1,100.00 Available
CL10195b CL10195b Yamaha YCL 85 A Clarinet £1,500.00 On approval

Clarinet Pairs

 -  1 instrument.
CL10057 CL10057 Howarth Bb and A Clarinets
Excellent examples of Howarth instruments, both playing beautifully. ***Owner has reduced the price!***
£3,200.00 Available

Alto Clarinets

 -  (None currently available)

Bass Clarinets

 -  1 instrument.
CL10107 CL10107 Noblet Bass to Eb £2,500.00 Available

Non-Boehm Clarinets

 -  (None currently available)

Vintage Clarinets

 -  (None currently available)

Early & Reproduction Clarinets

 -  (None currently available)

Harmony Clarinets

 -  1 instrument.
CL10190 CL10190 Buffet Crampon RC Prestige C £2,900.00 Available


 -  2 instruments.
CL10177 CL10177 Kaspar Mouthpiece Ann Arbour Michigan
Frank.L.Kaspar Bb/A Clarinet Mouhpiece - Ann Arbour Superb - 1.13
£350.00 Available
CL10178 CL10178 Kaspar Mouthpiece Kaspar Cicero LL.
Kaspar Cicero LL. Bb/A Clarinet Mouthpiece - 12
£400.00 Available
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