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Looking to sell? Please note our workshops are very busy, so we would recommend booking your bassoon in for servicing with our repairers before we take it on to sell.

Please note that our Open Hole Oboe list is now full and we are currently not taking new Open Hole consignments.

Image Reference Make Description Price Status

Mini Bassoons

 -  1 instrument.
BN10169 BN10169 Amati ABN 21 S Mini Bassoon
Original design mini bassoon. pitched in G and made by Amati. Ideal for beginners from 7 upwards. Can comfortably play up to grade 2 (upper register not as repsonsive as with the Howarth mini +) Wooden body. Compact case
£1,200.00 Available

Professional Bassoons

 -  4 instruments.

Top quality instruments for professional and aspiring professional bassoonists

BN10182 BN10182 Heckel 9xxx World System
Sold as seen, we have not done any work on this instrument. It has been played professionally until very recently including in the Philharmonia and ENO. This bassoon has an excellent sonorous tenor and rich tone. This instrument is World System, so will require getting used to the different lower octave fingerings. We can quote to convert to full German system if the buyer wished to do so once the sale was completed, although we would recommend leaving as is. Supplied in Pink MB case and WITHOUT crooks. An exciting bassoon for the right player.
£23,000.00 Available
BN10219 BN10219 Heckel 5xxx
Played proffessionally for many years by Brian Sewell. This isntrumnet has had the boot band replaced so does not have the correct serial number anymore. Lovely instrument, fully serviced in our workshop. Currently has boot cap missing.
£11,250.00 Available
BN10246 BN10246 Soulsby Bassoon
Beautiful sonorous instrument. This is one of Jeremy Soulsby's earlier instruments. Excellent condition. LH crook lock, 2 Soulsby crooks, fitted with spike. No high E. Ideal lighter pro instrument with lots of character.
£10,000.00 Available
BN10124 BN10124 Puchner 21
Excellent professional instrument. Supplied in MB case. High E, LH crook lock. Puchners are always popular. This instrurment is in excellent condition and is ideal for a young professional or amateur looking for a fantastic instrument.
£10,000.00 Available

Student and Semi-Professional Bassoons

 -  12 instruments.
BN10224a BN10224a Fox 240
Fully serviced in our workshop this a great example of the ever popurlar Fox Renard bassoon. Comes in Marcus Bonna case with two fox crooks.
£6,000.00 Reserved
BN623 BN623 Mollenhauer Orchestra
Postwar instrument, Sweet sound and even scale
£5,500.00 Available
BN10058 BN10058 Kreul & Moosmann 458 Bassoon
This instrument has just been fully overhauled. One of the earlier Moosmann models, this instrument is comparable to the current model 150
£5,000.00 On approval
BN10209 BN10209 Schreiber 507
A great instrument for any keen amature or student player. Comes with 4 crooks (two schreiber and 2 unmarked), a high D key, LH crook lock and extra rollers. The new owner may want to concider buying a new, more sturdy case.
£4,000.00 Available
BN10212 BN10212 Adler Sonora
This is an excellent student instrument, which has been fully serviced in our workshops.
£3,500.00 Available
BN10223 BN10223 Adler Short Reach
Fully serviced in our workshop this adapted short reach bassoon is perfect for any player with small hands, or resticted stretch. It has a covered left hand 1st, 2nd and 3rd finger, a touch C key and covered right hand 1st finger. Comes with two adler crooks.
£3,500.00 Available
BN830a BN830a Schreiber 503
Great advanced student instrument
£3,500.00 Available
BN10189 BN10189 Schreiber 502
Great student instrument. It has been fully serviced in our workshop.
£3,500.00 Available
BN10158 BN10158 Monnig 208
Fully overhauled. Ideal student instrument for players up to grade 8.
£3,000.00 Available
BN823 BN823 Huller bassoon
Excellent student instrument
£3,000.00 Available
BN786b BN786b Kohlert Beginner
Good beginner instrument,
£2,700.00 Available
BN10216 BN10216 Corton Basic system
Ideal school instrument. Suits players up to grade 5 standard
£1,500.00 Available

Bassoon Crooks

 -  41 instruments.
BN10247a CC1XL N/A £700.00 Available
BN10113b Leitzinger M1 £700.00 Available
BN10159 Fox *CTC* R2 £450.00 Available
BN10187a Fox *CTC* 2 R2
like new
£450.00 Available
BN10232c Heckel CDV 1 £450.00 Available
BN10257a Fox *CTC* R2 2
Like New
£450.00 Available
BN10257b Fox *CTC* R2 3
Like New
£450.00 Available
BN10233 Heckel CC2 XL £450.00 Available
BN10176b Heckel CC1 £400.00 On approval
BN10116 Heckel CD1 £400.00 Available
BN10193b Puchner DC1 £350.00 Available
BN10227b Heckel CC2 £350.00 On approval
BN10228 Heckel CC1 £350.00 Available
BN10203a Puchner BC0 £350.00 Available
BN10204b Heckel CC2 £350.00 Available
BN10247b CTC1 N/A £350.00 Available
BN10247c CTC2 N/A £350.00 Available
BN10197 Fox CVX 2 £275.00 Available
BN10172b Fox *CVC* 3 £275.00 Available
BN10107c Fox CVC 3 £275.00 Available
BN10100d Yamaha C1 £275.00 Available
BN10100e Yamaha C2 £275.00 Available
BN10146a Fox *CVX* 3 £250.00 Available
BN10146b Fox CVX £250.00 Available
BN10204c Bell CC1 £250.00 Available
BN10232d Bell 2 £250.00 Available
BN10104c Nissen standard bassoon crook £200.00 Available
BN10168 Nissen Bassoon Crook
Silver plated.
£200.00 Available
BN10220 Fox CV 2 £180.00 Available
BN10243c Nissen Bassoon Crook £175.00 Available
BN10167h Soulsby 1
English Bend
£150.00 Available
BN10167j Soulsby 1
English bend
£150.00 Available
BN10167k Soulsby 1
English Bend
£150.00 Available
BN811b Soulsby 0 £150.00 Available
BN811c Soulsby 1 £150.00 Available
BN10243d Fox CVX 1 £125.00 Available
BN10222 Unmarked na £100.00 Available
BN10163c Schreiber KE 1 brass £100.00 Available
BN10193c Schreiber KE3 £100.00 Available
BN10167m Unknown - £80.00 Available
BN805c unmarked unmarked £80.00 Available

Contra Bassoons

 -  1 instrument.
BN10245 BN10245 Heckel Contra Bassoon
Excellent easy blowing contra bassoon. This is a great Heckel contra. It would have been originally a high bell instrument but has been converted during its life to a standard compact bell. Even scale with easy upper register. An ideal instrument for an emerging professional contra player or anyone looking for a great instrument, SOLD AS SEEN we have not worked on this instrument.
£19,000.00 Available

Contra Crooks

 -  3 instruments.
BN10236 Puchner B1
Like new
£650.00 Available
BN10241 Mollenhauer 0 £280.00 Available
BN10232a Mollenhauer Contra Crook 2
Contra Crook
£250.00 Available

French Bassoons

 -  3 instruments.
BN10179 BN10179 Buffet Bassoon 35L
French system bassoon in excellent condition. Comes with two crooks and in a compact case.
£5,500.00 Available
BN786c BN786c Mahillon French System
French system bassoon made in the late 1800s. It has 1 original brass bocal.
£1,500.00 Available
BN10160 BN10160 Hawkes French System
Beautifully restored English made French system bassoon from the 1920s. Rosewood body and nickel silver keywork.
£1,000.00 Available

Period Bassoons

 -  (None currently available)

Reed Making Machines

 -  1 instrument.
BN10224c BN10224c Nystroem Profiling machine £500.00 Available
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