ABRSM Bassoon Grade 6 2014 onwards
Galliard Six Sonatas, Vol. 1 IMC 2114 979-0-2204-1663-7 Buy now
Michael Rose A Miscellany for Bassoon, Book 2    9781854724632 Buy now
Mozart Sonata in Bb, K. 292 BA 6974   Buy now
Mozart Sonata in Bb, K. 292 HN 827 M-2018-0827-7 Buy now
Corrette Les Délices de la Solitude, Op. 20, Vol. 1 ED 12209   Buy now
Mozart Sonata in Bb, K. 292 CH55239 9780711928855 Buy now
Weissenborn Bassoon Studies, Op. 8, Vol. 2 EP 2277b   Buy now
Brian Israel Dance Suite for Baritone Horn or Bassoon 494-00424   Buy now
Jerome Besozzi Sonata in Bb for Bassoon and Piano ACC.1042   Buy now
Mozart Concerto in Bb, K. 191 BA4868-90   Buy now
Derek Bourgeois Fantasy Pieces for Bassoon 3304 97905-7027-362-1 Buy now
Jim Parker The Music of Jim Parker for Bassoon 1321 97905-7027-361-4 Buy now
Devienne Sonata for Bassoon in G minor, Op. 24 No. 5 MR 2049  9790004486108 Buy now
Milde Three Study Pieces for Bassoon MR 1180 9790004481127 Buy now
Neruda Bassoon Concerto in C MR2200 979-0-004-48750-1  Buy now
Tansman Sonatine for Bassoon ME 00665700   Buy now
Hurlstone Bassoon Sonata in F E75   Buy now
Mozart Concerto in Bb, K. 191 3611691 9790570240869 Buy now
Capel Bond Bassoon Concerto No. 6 in Bb   979-0-060-01348-5 Buy now
Dunhill Lyric Suite for Bassoon, Op. 96   979-0-060-01902-9 Buy now
Mozart Concerto in Bb, K. 191 HN 801 M-2018-0801-7 Buy now
Vivaldi Sonata in E minor for Bassoon and Piano, trans. Weisberg IMC 2335 979-0-2204-1836-5 Buy now
Stefan de Haan Scherzo for Bassoon ED 10530   Buy now
J. S. Bach Partita BWV 1013, trans. Waterhouse UE 18135 979-0-008-01065-1 Buy now
Bassoon Solos, Vol. 2 CH55094 9780711929821 Buy now
Graham Waterhouse Diplo-Diversions, Op. 44 FH 2578 9790203425786 Buy now
Jerome Besozzi Sonata for Bassoon and Piano     Buy now
W. Lloyd Webber Northington Farm for Bassoon and Piano H478  ISMN 979 0 2202 2362 4 Buy now
Alan Ridout Caliban and Ariel   M-050-03395-0 Buy now
Fauré Pièce, trans. Oubradous for Bassoon AL19974   Buy now