ABRSM Bassoon Grade 4 2014 onwards
Sounds Classical - Bassoon, arr. Sparke AMP 362-400   Buy now
16 Progressive Pieces for bassoon & piano, arr. Denwood E683 M-57040-842-9 Buy now
44 Progressive Studies for bassoon, arr. Denwood E689  M-57040-843-6 Buy now
Weissenborn Bassoon Studies, Op. 8, Vol. 1 EP 2277a   Buy now
Dave Gale Jazz FX for Bassoon 1342CD 97905-7027-912-8 Buy now
Classic Experience Collection for Bassoon, arr. Lanning 90572 9790220905728 Buy now
Philip Sparke Skilful Studies for Bassoon AMP 365-401   Buy now
Concone The Singing Bassoon, arr. Emerson E281   Buy now
Weissenborn Arioso and Humoreske, Op. 9   9781854720931 Buy now
Colin Cowles Out of Character COOL 14-401   Buy now
James Rae In the Groove - Bassoon     Buy now
Boismortier Two Sonatas Op. 50 Nos 1-2 MR 2132 9790004486863 Buy now
Boismortier Two Sonatas, Op. 50 Nos 4-5 MR 2169 9790004487198 Buy now
Weissenborn Romanze, Op. 227 HL04476935   Buy now
Jacob Four Sketches for Bassoon E73   Buy now
Second Book of Bassoon Solos, arr. Hilling and Bergmann      Buy now
Galliard Six Sonatas, Vol. 1 IMC 2114 979-0-2204-1663-7 Buy now
Merci Sonata in G minor for bassoon or cello ED 10402   Buy now
Telemann 2 Sonatinas for Bassoon FAG 26   Buy now
Bassoon Solos, Vol. 1 CH55092 9780711941045 Buy now
Michael Rose A Miscellany for Bassoon, Book 2    9781854724632 Buy now
Time Pieces for Bassoon, Vol. 2, arr. Denley   9781860962974 Buy now
Galliard Sonata No. 1 in A minor H 753a   Buy now
Colin Cowles Who's Zoo? for Bassoon SP485   Buy now