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infoHowarth Oboe / Bassoon Reed Water Pot  Acrylic. Ideal for keeping in your case to wet reeds. £1.67£2.00Buy
infoHowarth Academy Oboe Reed (S:MS:M)  (Dark Green Thread) £8.75£10.50Buy
infoHowarth Glass Water pot 41ml £2.08£2.50Buy
infoOboes.ch Professional Oboe Reed - Albrecht Mayer Shape (M) £18.58£22.30Buy
infoCowdy Oboe Reed  (Dark Red Thread) Out of stock £16.67£20.00Buy
infoDragon Graduate Oboe Reed (M)  (White Thread) £11.46£13.75Buy
infoDragon Professional Oboe Reed (MH/M)  (Dark Red Thread) Contact Us £14.79£17.75
infoFortay Professional Oboe Reed (M:MH)  (Red Thread) £18.25£21.90Buy
infoFortay Purple Oboe Reed (MS:M)  (Purple Thread) £15.42£18.50Buy
infoFortay Student Oboe Reed (S)  (Green Thread) £9.96£11.95Buy
infoHooker Graduate Oboe Reed (M)  (Dark Multicolour Thread) £12.71£15.25Buy
infoHooker Oboe Reed (M)  (Red Thread) IN STOCK £14.46£17.35Buy
infoHooker Premium Oboe Reed (H)  (Dark Red Thread) IN STOCK £14.46£17.35Buy
infoHooker Student Oboe Reed (MS)  (Multi-coloured Thread) Limited Stock £11.25£13.50Buy
infoHowarth Professional Oboe Reed (M)  (Dark Green Thread) £13.13£15.75Buy
infoJordanov Oboe Reed (M) Limited Stock £18.58£22.30Buy
infoKernow Oboe Reed (MS:M)  (Turquoise Thread) £11.63£13.95Buy
infoKe-Xun Ge Professional "W" American Scrape Oboe Reed (M)  (Red Thread) IN STOCK £14.13£16.95Buy
infoKe-Xun Ge Professional French Style Oboe Reed (M)  (Blue Thread) Out of stock £14.13£16.96Buy
infoKe-Xun Ge Professional Oboe Reed - German Style (M) £14.13£16.96Buy
infoKe-Xun Ge Professional Oboe Reed - Narrow (M)  (Silver Thread) IN STOCK £14.13£16.95Buy
infoKe-Xun Ge Professional Oboe Reed (M)  (Black Thread) IN STOCK £14.13£16.95Buy
infoKe-Xun Ge Standard Oboe Reed (M)  (Black Thread) IN STOCK £11.67£14.00Buy
infoTipple Oboe Reed (S:MS:M)  (Red Thread) IN STOCK £10.67£12.80Buy
infoWiggins Professional Oboe Reed (MS:M)  (Dark Blue Thread) IN STOCK - now in 2 strengths! £16.17£19.40Buy
infoWinfield Continental Oboe Reed (S:MS:M:MH)  (Green Thread) £10.00£12.00Buy
infoWinfield Professional Oboe Reed (M:MH)  (Brass staple, mid-blue & green thread) IN STOCK £15.29£18.35Buy
infoWinfield Standard Oboe Reed (S:MS:M:MH)  (Blue Thread) S, M, MH £10.00£12.00Buy
infoYork Oboe Reed (MS:M)  (Dark Red Thread) IN STOCK £14.13£16.95Buy
infoHowarth Bass Oboe Reed  (Dark Red Thread) IN STOCK £37.92£45.50Buy
infoDragon Oboe Reed Blank  (White Thread) IN STOCK £5.63£6.75Buy
infoKe-Xun Ge Oboe Reed Blank  (Black Thread) IN STOCK £5.83£7.00Buy


UK Price
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UK Price
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infoHowarth Cor Anglais Reed Blank  (Mixed Colours) OUT OF STOCK Out of stock £6.63£7.95Buy
infoDragon Professional Cor Anglais Reed (M)  (Light Blue Thread) IN STOCK £13.29£15.95Buy
infoFortay Cor Anglais Reed  Purple thread £16.25£19.50Buy
infoHooker Cor Anglais Reed  (Red thread) IN STOCK £16.17£19.40Buy
infoHowarth Professional Cor Anglais Reed  (Dark Green Thread) IN STOCK £14.58£17.50Buy
infoJordanov Cor Anglais Reed £19.79£23.75Buy
infoKe-Xun Ge Cor Anglais Reed (M)  (Black Thread) IN STOCK £12.92£15.50Buy
infoWiggins Professional Cor Anglais Reed (M)  (Dark Blue Thread) IN STOCK £17.46£20.95Buy
infoWinfield Continental Cor Anglais Reed  (Green Thread) IN STOCK £11.63£13.95Buy
infoWinfield Standard Cor Anglais Reed  (Blue Thread) IN STOCK £11.63£13.95Buy
infoLorée Cor Anglais / Oboe D'Amore Reed Sealing Tube  for sealing between crook & reed £1.96£2.35Buy


UK Price
ex VAT
UK Price
inc VAT
infoFortay Oboe D'amore Reed  (Blue Thread) OUT OF STOCK Out of stock £16.25£19.50Buy
infoHooker Oboe D'Amore Reed  (Red Thread) IN STOCK £16.17£19.40Buy
infoJordanov Oboe D'Amore Reed  (Black/Blue/Plum Thread) £18.50£22.20Buy
infoKe-Xun Ge Oboe D'Amore Reed (M)  (Black Thread) IN STOCK £14.58£17.50Buy
infoWiggins Professional Oboe D'Amore Reed (M)  (Dark Blue Thread) IN STOCK £17.88£21.45Buy
infoWinfield Continental Oboe D'Amore Reed  (Green Thread) IN STOCK £10.00£12.00Buy
infoWinfield Oboe D'amore reed standard  (Blue Thread) IN STOCK £10.00£12.00Buy

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