D'Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece (formerly Rico)

With their polished angles and glorious curves, Reserve mouthpieces are simply stunning. But that's only half the story. Inside the Reserve mouthpiece lies an incredibly effective design that provides a perfect centered and soaring tone at all volumes. The bore, baffle and throat shape produce incredible results. This beautifully balanced design produces a centered, velvety sound that never sacrifices tone quality or intonation-from pianissimo to full-blast fortissimo. Reserve mouthpieces are rooted in vintage design but are produced using ultra-modern methods. This blend of old and new allows the Reserve mouthpieces to offer an unparalleled evenness in the tone-a mouthpiece characteristic clarinetists have been chasing since the dawn of the instrument.

Available in the following variants: X0 (1.00mm) | X5 (1.05mm) | X10 (1.10mm) | X10E (1.11mm) | X15E (1.18mm) | X25 E (1.25mm)


£102.20 including VAT