Yamaha YSS 875 EX HG High G Soprano Saxophone

Introducing the New Flagship Soprano Saxophone

The latest addition to the flagship Custom EX Saxophone range is the new YSS875EXHG, the first Yamaha soprano sax incorporating a high G key. Designed in collaboration with World class Saxophonists such as Jean-Yves Formeau and Nobuya Sugawa, the new saxophone features the same exceptional sound characteristics and playability of the non-high G model but with an extended range.

By incorporating an additional key to an existing model which is already well balanced and has perfect intonation and tonal focus, you run the risk off affecting its playing characteristics due to the additional weight of the key and its mechanism. Therefore the new High G Custom EX soprano has been redesigned to reduce weight in certain areas including some changes to the body and key work, which has resulted in the saxophone having the same great playing feel and characteristics of the non-high G model without any additional weight. Many high G soprano saxophones also suffer with a weaker lower register with some notes speaking very poorly but the new Yamaha EX Custom has excellent intonation and evenness throughout its entire range, from the very bottom of it's register to the highest altissimo.

- Custom EX Soprano Saxophone
- High F# and G keys
- Front F mechanism
- Supplied with both curved and straight Custom G2 necks
- Tapered pivot screws with bullet head
- Mother of Pearl key buttons
- Includes a Custom 4C ebonite mouthpiece
- Supplied in a deluxe ultra-lightweight case with a carrying strap
- Available in gold lacquer, black lacquer, silver plated or gold plated finishes

 RRP £4,298.00

£3,868.00 including VAT