Fox Bassoon Crook Types C - Lengths 1, 2, 3 - Nickel Plated

Fox Crooks are available in 4 bore types: C, CV, CVC and CVX

The C bore is the standard student bore, designed for stability of intonation and is best suited to smaller ensembles.

The CV bore is best suited to a thicker walled instrument and favours a softer reed.

The CVC bore is similar to the CVX and is better suited to long-bore instruments.

The CVX bore favours a short-bore instrument and has a greater projection: it is well suited to orchestral playing

The Double Star range conbine the latest advances in materials and design.

*CVC* emphasising modern tonal concepts, it has a lower pitched upper register along with a very full tone quality throughout its entire range.

*CVX* slightly more open and brighter than the CVC, it has a higher pitched upper register and is more compatible with older bassoon design. Plating options: unplated, nickel, silver & gold (£35.00 extra for gold)

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£225.00 including VAT