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UK Price
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infoHeckel Bassoon Crook £665.83£799.00Buy
infoHeckel Bassoon Crook Gold Plated £875.00£1,050.00Buy
infoLeitzinger Bassoon Crook Silver plated £605.83£727.00Buy
infoLeitzinger Bassoon Crook Gold plated Special Order £694.17£833.00Buy
infoLeitzinger Bassoon Crook Platinum plated Due April 2018 £795.83£955.00Buy
infoLeitzinger Bassoon Crook Silver plated model 'F' £890.83£1,069.00Buy
infoLeitzinger Bassoon Crook Platinum plated Model 'F' Out of Stock Due April 2018 £1,125.00£1,350.00Buy
infoMike Allen Seamless Bassoon Crook - Thick Walled £378.33£454.00Buy
infoMike Allen Seamless Bassoon Crook - Thin Walled £454.17£545.00Buy
infoPüchner Bassoon Crook £554.99£665.99Buy
infoMoosmann Interpret Bocal £375.00£450.00Buy
infoMoosmann Gold Plated 'Excellent' Bassoon Crook - Length 1 or 2 £500.00£600.00Buy
infoMoosmann Bassoon Crook Type PW £408.33£490.00Buy
infoMoosmann Bassoon Crook Types AW & AG £408.33£490.00Buy
infoFox Bassoon Crook Types *CTC* & *CTX* R2 £540.83£649.00Buy
infoFox Bassoon Crook Types *CVC* & *CVX* R2 £540.83£649.00Buy
infoYamaha Super-Bocal Bassoon Crook £575.00£690.00Buy
infoYamaha Super-Bocal Bassoon Crook HAMILTON PLATE £628.33£754.00Buy
infoBuffet Crampon French Bassoon Crook  available to order only Special Order POAPOA
infoSchreiber Bassoon Crook Type KE R- Length 0, 1, 2 or 3  please call re availability £144.17£173.00Buy
infoAdler Bassoon Crook with Deeper Bend  Suitable for short reach instruments £187.50£225.00Buy
infoAdler Bassoon Crook £237.49£284.99Buy
infoHowarth Mini-bassoon PLUS+ Crook £140.42£168.50Buy
infoHowarth Tenoroon Crook £140.42£168.50Buy
infoFox Bassoon Crook Types C - Lengths 1, 2, 3 - Nickel Plated  please call for availability £187.50£225.00Buy
infoAmati Bassoon Crook  Basic student bassoon crook £62.49£74.99Buy
infoThomas Stone Bassoon crook - Sterling Silver £541.67£650.00Buy


Heckel Contra bassoon crook £749.17£899.00Buy


UK Price
ex VAT
UK Price
inc VAT
infoAmati Contra Bassoon Crook £70.83£84.99Buy
infoPüchner Contra Bassoon Crook £609.17£731.00Buy


Mollenhauer Contra bassoon crook £466.67£560.00Buy


Thomas Stone Contra Bassoon crook - Sterling Silver £683.33£820.00Buy


infoHowarth Bassoon Crook Extension  available in two diameters to accommodate different reeds £11.29£13.55Buy

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